I Paid A Girl $5.00 To Punch Her Boyfriend In The Face While Shouting ROB BURNS ROCKS!


The other day I came across the site http://www.fiverr.com . The whole premise of the site is to offer services for no more than five dollars.  Here a few of the services offered for a measly five bucks. (more…)

Helping a Friend Out While Showing You How To Make More Moola!!


I just wanted to drop a note about my friend Ori Bengal A.K.A. Couch surfing Ori.

Ori has surfed the couches of more influential internet marketers, thought leaders, and leading edge CEO’s than you can shake a stick at. (more…)

I Declare My Self The Worlds First Internet Marketing uruG!


internet marketing guru

Everyday my spam box is assaulted by a cornucopia of self proclaimed Internet marketing gurus, SEO wizards and social media masters. They all claim to have discovered some new “secret” system that is going to launch your Internet business into the stratosphere! (more…)