The Power of Social Media With Fox 5 News


I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Raoul Martinez on Fox five news. Even though the producers kept changing the subject topic and I wasn’t quite sure what we are actually going to talk about the morning of the show .(Pretty common for most news segments) (more…)

Hey Google Your Social Media Chocolate Is In My SEO Peanut Butter!


google social search

The other day while checking some search results, I noticed something interesting, a new bit of information was popping up on the bottom of the my findings.

social search results "professional organizer"

So what is this new tidbit of data gifted to us by the almighty Google, and what does it mean for us search marketing folks?  Well this is Google social search my friends, and it means we will have to stretch even further away from traditional SEO methodology into something that is more akin to social SEO. In my humble opinion Google social search could be a welcome addition to our overall search marketing bag of tricks. (more…)

Social media examples for my new Fox 5 friends!


I am excited to announce my brand spanking new  site is finally live! If things appear a little wonky not to worry we should have all the bugs worked out and have the site prettied up in no time. Feel free to let me know of anything you see that needs fixing.  It’s little sparse on content. But keep checking back because I plan on writing a ton about social media, internet marketing and SEO all with my unique (sometimes warped) perspective added to spice things up a bit !

I just finished a segment on “The power of social media” with my new amigo’s over at Fox 5 news San Diego. It was a blast , during the broadcast I promised to post some social media examples viewers could check out. So here are a few examples of folks doing social media right. I will keep adding more examples as I find them,  If you  find any social media standouts  that you think  might be interesting and educational  let me know and I will add them to the list. (more…)