Helping a Friend Out While Showing You How To Make More Moola!!


I just wanted to drop a note about my friend Ori Bengal A.K.A. Couch surfing Ori.

Ori has surfed the couches of more influential internet marketers, thought leaders, and leading edge CEO’s than you can shake a stick at.

Because of his unique experiences he is the walking talking cumulative knowledge of all the internet marketing gods combined!

I am telling you this because Ori has decided to come out into the open and start sharing his knowledge with us common folk. He recently surfed my couch for a week or so and during that time we had to do an emergency run to Mexico to have some work done on his teeth. (Couch surfing injury, seriously ask him if you get the chance)

Anyways in an effort to raise some cash to cover surgery Ori is offering consulting on everything from internet marketing to advanced photography. The best part is he is offering a FREE fifteen minute consult. You might think fifteen minutes is nothing but you have never meet Ori. Seriously this dude gave me more ideas in fifteen minutes than other lame ass folks I have paid for the entire day.

So if you want some great free advice give him a call, and if you like what you hear possibly you could send this message out to your list and post on your social media channels.

Just so you know I have absolutely nothing to gain financially from this email or from Ori. Just wanted to help a really talented friend out. Just tell him Rob sent you and he may actually go a bit over 15 min!

So what do you have to loose? It’s fricken free you morons!!

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