Hey Google Your Social Media Chocolate Is In My SEO Peanut Butter!


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The other day while checking some search results, I noticed something interesting, a new bit of information was popping up on the bottom of the my findings.

social search results "professional organizer"

So what is this new tidbit of data gifted to us by the almighty Google, and what does it mean for us search marketing folks?  Well this is Google social search my friends, and it means we will have to stretch even further away from traditional SEO methodology into something that is more akin to social SEO. In my humble opinion Google social search could be a welcome addition to our overall search marketing bag of tricks.

For some time now  we have been reading about how Google is planning to integrate more social media into the regular search results. First we saw twitter results at the top of our searches and now Google is integrating the folks you are connected to via social media with their keyword search results, further blurring the lines between organic SEO and social media.

Back in the olden days before the term social media was even coined, and twitter was some kind of an eye condition. Googles main priority was making the connection between relevant sites and how they related between like minded communities on the net. The more relevant the connection the more important Google thought the site was and thusly aid site would show up higher on the search results.  Not so entirely different than what we are calling social search today.

So with that bit of ancient history in mind it is easy to see how social media would eventually become an ever increasing part of the search mix.

Google Social Search 101

I am going to call the communities we are connected to via social media our “social footprint” the more folks we are linked to the larger our social footprint will be. With social search, Google is measuring and including our social connections as an ever increasing relevance factor in our overall search results.

One way Google determines your social footprint is in your public Google profile. There are two kinds of connections.

The first is a direct connection These are all connections from friends you follow on your social media profiles like twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail chat connections and any social media connections added to your Google profile. These connections may be added to your Google profile or Google might just find them on its own.

Next are secondary connections. These are people your direct connections follow. You can see your connections by visiting Google social dashboard, The social dashboard takes information from your public profile and any other data it has collected from your public social media content and provides you with Googles view of your social footprint.

Now once your social circle has been determined Google will add this information to its regular search mix and viola you will have results related to your individual social circle connected to the phrase you are searching for showing up at the bottom of Googles organic search results!

To have social search show up you have to be signed in to Google. Since Google has about a billion products folks could be signed into like Gmail, Google Reader, Picasa and so on, so there is a good chance your target market is signed on and will be able to see you in their social results.

Here is a Video from Google explaining social search, featuring Googles Matt Cutts sporting a nifty new chrome dome look.

Okay so now that we know little bit more about what Google social search is, how do we integrate it into our regular Internet marketing and SEO practices? Here are a few tips that will help get you started on the road to an integrated system. Since this whole social search thing is so new I’m sure the rules are going to change and new features will be implemented so use these tips as a starting point.

The first thing I would recommend is to sign up for a Google profile

Next I would go through all the Google products and sign up for any and all products that either have a social media profile or an RSS feed. Now add these to your Google profile.

After you add all the Google related products to your profile go to Ping.fm they have a list of around 60 of the most popular social media sites that you can join up from Ping.fm . There is a lot of great SEO and Internet marketing value from using Ping.fm but that is a different subject for a later time. So as you’re going through the list and signing up for the social media sites also add them to your Google profile. I would also recommend filling out as much of the profile information as you can since this will help indicate to Google you are a real participant and not just goofing around.

Photo sharing seems to be a big deal on Google social search, so I would highly recommend adding as many photo sites to your Google profile.

Make sure you optimize your social media post and photos for your target keywords. And of course just like in regular SEO and marketing do it naturally don’t just start trying to game the system and inflating your post with spammy keywords. If you do it will probably get you kicked out of most social media platforms and I’m guessing eventually Google will throw a penalty your way just like they would for organic search.

Last and most importantly, increase your social footprint. Remember Google not only looks at and shows results for people you are connected to but also the people they are connected to. So the larger your social footprint to more people will view your social results. That said make sure the people you follow  are not part of the new wave of social media spammers, as I believe eventually not only how many people you follow but who you follow will be an important factor. This of course is just speculation but  appears would have to be the natural evolution of social search, if it  is to succeed  and not just  become another useless medium overrun  and ruled by spammers.

So to wrap things up in my humble opinion I think this new social search will be a good thing. I think for serious marketers it will be a new tool in our growing  marketing toolbox and help separate the wheat from the chaff in the Internet marketing  realm. Mostly I  hope it will limit a the tidal wave of fat freaking unemployed middle-aged men that are declaring themselves “social media gurus”. As if social media  was an ends to itself  and a solution to all the worlds problems instead of being a tool in a well-rounded Internet marketers   repertoire. Okay rant over I feel a little better now.

I hope this article was informative and helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts and reactions so please feel free to add your comments below. Last but not least you can follow my Google profile here

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  2. vijay says:

    wow!!! need to work more on SEO now. The traditional SEO was simple. Get backlinks, add keywords, write article around these keywords and wait for search engine to crawl.
    But we need to work harder now. Need to be active on many social networking sites.
    I think for now be active on Google buzz 😉 that could be more helpful to get listed on social results for your friends.

  3. jan geronimo says:

    Thanks for the tip about Google social dashboard. You're correct. It has pulled my connections from various social media in one place. Nice work, Google. 🙂 It's about time we made a coherent social media presence. Major search engines have started giving a high premium on social search. It's only sensible we keep in step with the changes. On top of SEO, we need to master social media optimization as well. Can't lose by default now, can we.

  4. WaltGoshert says:

    "… tidal wave of fat freaking unemployed middle-aged men that are declaring themselves “social media gurus”. Blew coffee all over keyboard reading that line.

    Solid info… bottom-line, you gotta hook-up with the 800-pound Gorilla in the room.

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