I Declare My Self The Worlds First Internet Marketing uruG!


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Everyday my spam box is assaulted by a cornucopia of self proclaimed Internet marketing gurus, SEO wizards and social media masters. They all claim to have discovered some new “secret” system that is going to launch your Internet business into the stratosphere!

Their claims usually go something like this “if you purchase my new super website optimizer whirligig thingamajiger extreme program and invest only a few short hours a month I will make you a mega gajillionare! “This is always followed by testimonials of supposedly real people who have used said superduper grifter system and now are super rich themselves never having to work again a day in their lives.

So here it comes folks, this is a part where I break out my shiny new gold encrusted needle so I can burst your get rich quick bubble. The fact is designing building and marketing your Internet property is HARD it is a firkin lot of work! I would even go so far as to say it is more time and effort than a lot of traditional brick and mortar businesses.

If you don’t believe me take a look at this mind map of what it takes to build a web based business. It’s a little condensed and hard to read because the original is actually about 6 foot tall when printed out there is THAT much stuff to do.

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So now that I have probably made the vast majority of you completely despondent. There is an upside, with a lot of hard work on the front end you can build a business that provides residual income and pretty much runs itself with minimal oversight.

So if you are willing to take on a bit of a learning curve and do a lot of hard work, then being an Internet entrepreneur may just be for you. My suggestion is to learn the basics first, learn how to be proficient with on page optimization. Learn proper ethical and effective link building techniques.Write compelling articles and stories, don’t just slap down keyword stuffed outsourced to India crap ass articles. Think of your Internet business just like you would a regular brick-and-mortar business.

There are tools that later on can help with your online business. But these usually are for making an already busy online business more effective and efficient. So don’t waste your money listening to all the so-called guru’s out there they are banking on your belief that you can have an easy way out of doing the required hard work, and to be perfectly honest between you and me back in the day I probably purchased every single whirligig Internet marketing shortcut making software program or system out there. So I can say with much embarrassment but from experience. If I would have just worked the fundamentals and done the work in the beginning I would have made it to the place I am now probably in about half the time.

So my promise to you is, I will never become an get rich quick Internet marketing guru. In fact from this day forward I declare myself on Internet marketing urug! I am now the anti-guru, instead of selling you some impossible bill of goods about not having to work to make your Internet business a success. I am going to attempt to tell you how it really is, which for the most part includes a lot of blood sweat and tears. You’re going to make mistakes and probably lose some money but that’s part of the process and eventually as your level of skill and  knowledge increase so will your income.

So stop following those guru’s out there, if their systems were so great why aren’t they just hiding out in some dark corner using their fancy dancy get rich quick thingamajiger to generate virtual cash registers for themselves? Why do they need you to buy their product if it is such a money machine? I promise you it is not because they are kindhearted souls who want to spread their income generating love throughout the world.

I believe I have stood ranting on my soapbox quite long enough now. It’s time to get back to work being an urug, you should too!

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  2. Murphy Tedd says:

    Hi there! I found your blog via Google while searching about SEO.And your post looks very interesting and informative to me.

  3. Keva Sardin says:

    Really enjoyed this, thanks for posting. What is the affiliation with web design san diego meetup group next month?

  4. nice post, Rob.

    way to expose the truth with a sense of humor and wisdom at the same time.

    i like the graphic, the headline and the curiosity factor on just WHAT THE HELL is on that mindmap. Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Addison. says:

    "India Crap Ass Articles…" love it!

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