I Paid A Girl $5.00 To Punch Her Boyfriend In The Face While Shouting ROB BURNS ROCKS!


The other day I came across the site http://www.fiverr.com . The whole premise of the site is to offer services for no more than five dollars.  Here a few of the services offered for a measly five bucks.

  • I will phone up anyone you want on their birthday and sing Happy Birthday to them Marilyn Monroe style for $5
  • I will sing a personalized Happy Birthday song in Indonesian for $5
  • I will for 10 days be your fake facebook girlfriend for $5
  • I will teach you how to make wine for $5

These are just a few examples. Aside from the crazy silly stuff. You can actually hire out some pretty dang useful task, like having a business plan written, WP blog set up and even your personal avatar created all for just five bucks!
I began thinking about what crazy marketing scheme could I come up with for five dollars? So without any further interruption I bring you , (drumroll please) “Girl punching her boyfriend in the face while shouting ROB BURNS ROCKS!”

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and any crazy marketing schemes you may have devised for five dollars. Just add a comment below

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5 Responses to “I Paid A Girl $5.00 To Punch Her Boyfriend In The Face While Shouting ROB BURNS ROCKS!”

  1. That was awesome! I hope she becomes a millionaire with THAT service!

  2. That was an intriguing comment. I have started a site called fiverr recently and found it to be the top site to generate a steady small/med income stream using silly ideas for beginners. Well worth checking out!

  3. Howie says:

    Fiverr has to be one of the single coolest sites on the planet. For Valentine's Day, I had a guy dress up like Cupid and sing a Backstreet Boys' song for my wife….ok…ok…I caught some heat from my friends, but that $5 actually gained a bit more of a reaction than its $60 Proflowers arrangement accompaniment…lol

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