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I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Raoul Martinez on Fox five news. Even though the producers kept changing the subject topic and I wasn’t quite sure what we are actually going to talk about the morning of the show .(Pretty common for most news segments) Raoul was a pretty funny guy and a bit of a tech head so it was a really easy interview. It was funny while waiting to go on, I was tweeting about being on the news and I instantly got a reply from Raoul sitting across from me in the newsroom before we even met, talk about a small world! Make sure you follow Raoul at @RaoulFOX5 he tweets about some interesting topics. Let me know what you think about the segment and add your comments below.

Conversation From The Video:

Announcer: Serving all of San Diego, this is your Fox 5 News.

Arthel Neville: Still ahead on Fox 5 Morning News, the Landscape of Social Media is changing every day. Coming up an expert is going to join us in studio to discuss how we’re each shaping this evolution, plus…

Raoul: Okay, for better or for worse, social media we know has now started to dominate our lives – a strong word – and the power of the internet is amazing. Rob Burns, the founder of course of joins us now to kind of clarify what all these things are, what they mean in our lives as we move forward. Rob, good morning.

Rob: Good morning.

Raoul: Now this is one of the first times that I actually met somebody five minutes ago via Twitter and then two minutes later look, we meet.

Rob: Hey and now we’re already Tweet buddies, yes.

Raoul: We’re Tweet buddies, and like two minutes ago I not friended you, I followed you, you followed me and we said hi. Okay my wife doesn’t tweet; I tweet because of work. Explain to people who may not be on board this Twitter thing, what it is, what it does, and really what the purpose of it is. That’s what a lot of people on Twitter started…what is this for, what does it do?

Rob: Right, right. So Twitter is actually a micro-blogging platform, and when I first started….

Raoul: How is that in normal English?

Rob: Okay, so you know what a regular blog is,  you have your website, and you have your blog, and they talk about blah, blah, blah and it’s a long page full thing. So a micro-blogging platform is actually only 140 characters, characters not even words. You have to get whatever your idea is across in 140 characters, so the beauty of Twitter is, you have to consolidate your thoughts, you have to get it down to 140 characters. It’s not a detriment, but it is a bit of  a con I would say too.

Raoul: Yeah, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons, some people would say what is the purpose of it, is it for advertising, is it marketing, you hear some people saying, “Oh, it’s cold where I live,” “I’m getting an Egg McMuffin.”

Rob: Right. Somebody’s like oh,I will  TwitPic – my Burger King burger or whatever, and it’s pretty useless. There’s actually a lot of useful things you can do with Twitter. The elections in Iran, when that all happened the government kind of had this whole thing where they said well this is what’s happening and everything’s fine and it was a landslide election but everybody in Iran, they all had all these cell phones and they took pictures and they tweeted. And they said no, things aren’t fine, people are getting shot, we’re having revolts….

Raoul: And it’s happening all over Twitter and Facebook, okay let’s talk about Facebook and the difference between Twitter. Explain to people what Facebook is really because a whole lot of people have joined up.

Rob: Okay so we talked about what a blog would be, so Facebook really is almost an interactive blog and it has all kinds of little different things you can do with it. One of the great things about Facebook is you can consolidate all your other social media things. So like Twitter, there’s a widget on Facebook where you can hook up your Twitter so every time you tweet….

Raoul: What’s a widget?

Rob: A widget is kind of like a mini program and it’s for people who are non-programmers so you just copy it off of Facebook and you activate it and then it does some kind of crazy cool thing on Facebook. And so with the Twitter widget, you activate your Twitter widget on Facebook and now every time you tweet, it will post your tweet on Facebook page, and you can also do this with your blog, and YouTube videos.

Raoul: So we’ve got the tweets, we’ve got the blogs, and then you’ve got your YouTube video. Now a lot of times when you go on new sites and you see on the bottom – this is just how prevalent this is now – you can tweet it, you can post it to your Facebook. This is kind of, what would you say, this is kind of a marketing tool, is it a kind of way to just expound on….

Rob: Really I’m a big proponent of ‘don’t tweet your Koolaid,’ and what that means is, have you ever been at a party and there’s a guy who’s in your face, “Hey, I’m the blue widget man,” and he gives you his card and the whole time at the party he’s selling you blue widgets and you’re just thinking, “ I just want to get away from this guy.”

Raoul: I’ve never been to a party with blue widgets.

Rob: Okay, yellow ostriches, who knows, whatever he’s selling. But that’s all he talks about is selling, I want to get away from this guy….

Raoul: Let’s give people some tips…

Raoul: Let’s talk about some of the do’s and don’ts of social media, that’s kind of what you were hinting at here. Give us a run down of the do’s and the don’ts, don’t abuse it, don’t overdo it, that kind of thing.

Rob: What you do want to do is provide quality content, something that’s compelling, something that’s going to make the world a better place, something that will make somebody laugh. Those are all things…and then people are going to be interested in you and they’re going to look you up, and then if it’s a business or whatever, then they’re going to say “hey, that guy tweets some interesting stuff, we have a personal connection. I want to buy from him!”

And talk about everybody else, so if somebody tweets something on Facebook, send that out to your friends because that makes you a hero. And if it’s good information then they’re going to think you’re smart for sending out that good information.

Raoul: You’re kind of an expert analyst I guess on the social media thing, what’s the future of this, where do you see this all in five years? Is it going to be everybody coming together, one big….

Rob: I think so. I think traditional media and social media are really kind of combining already. Just like the thing in Iran, I think you guys were actually posting tweets online as it’s happening live?

Raoul: Okay, alright. A lot of interesting stuff and it really changes by the day. Rob Burns, thank you very much, we appreciate it.

Rob: Okay, thank you.

Raoul: Alright, Chrissy over to you.

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